GISM offers Executive Development / Management Development Programmes in-house or at public venues on the following topics:

o Planning
What is Planning, Why Planning is critical, Types of Planning – MRP I, MERP II and ERP, Benefits of effective planning etc.

o Supply Market Analysis & Supply Strategy Development
Importance of Supply Market Analysis (SMA), Understanding Supply Markets, Market Segments Appraisal, Strategy Development for different types of goods or services, etc.

o Source Development & Supplier Selection
Framework for Supplier Appraisal, Supplier Assessment, Evaluation of Offers, Selection of supplier/s etc.

o Negotiating
Planning for Negotiations, Negotiation Objectives & Strategy, Negotiation Process and Follow-up.

o Contract Writing & Management
Preparing for Contracts, types of contracts, INCO Terms, applicable Law & settlement of disputes, Contract Management and Review of implementation.

o Logistics Management
What is Logistics Management, Why it is critical to manage Logistics effectively & efficiently, Issues in Logistics, Information Technology in Logistics Management etc.

o Inventory Management
Definition of Inventory Management, Need to manage inventory properly, Inventory Planning, Inventory Operations, Selective Inventory Control, Warehouse Planning & Systems etc.

o SCM Performance Measurement
Evaluation Process and Model Framework, Performance Measures & targets, Evaluation Process and action.

o Green Procurement & Sustainable Practices
Why is environment important, role of Purchasing in environment preservation, making environment friendly purchases etc.

o E-Procurement
What is E-Procurement, Why develop an E-Procurement Strategy, E-Procurement Tools, Choosing the right solution and service provider and implementation of the chosen solution.

o TQM in SCM
TQM Definition, why TQM, Elements of TQM, Total Employee Involvement, Total Quality Control, Waste Elimination, Managing Change & implementing TQM.

o Behavioral Skills

o Effective Communication

o Business Etiquettes

o Teamwork

o Leadership Skills