Other Certifications

GISM offers certification in the field of SCM, as below.

1. For the senior professionals in SCM area, certification are given objectively though an overall Rating system .

The Rating system based on Points earned, is accounted on criteria which include, Attendance to SCM conferences, Presentation or Publicationof Papers in Trade journals, Delivering Lecture talks on SCM subjects in any platform, Viva held to evaluate the understanding of the function.

Such Certification will be in the related areas of Work Experience such as, Certified Purchase Manager, Certified Logistics Manager, etc.

2. GISM also offer Certification Courses in the areas of SCM, the duration of which will be 3/ 6 months. Some of the Subjects of certification are;

1. Global Trade Management.

2. Contract Management.

3. Warehouse Management.

Such courses will be tailor-made to the Specific Organisation or Specific Segment of Industry like, Hospital / Hospitality etc. Other subjects / areas as required by the Industry can also be covered.