Supplier Related Services

GISM will offer all services required by the Industry in the area of Supplier Management. Some of the services include;

1. Periodic Supplier Quality audits: Carry out the Bi-annual/Annual Quality assessment audits of the supplier at their premises. Prepare and submit reports and ensure closure of all open issues, to the satisfaction of the organisation.

2. Due diligence of a New Supplier: Evaluating the supplier in the disciplines of financial, technical, quality systems & processes, current quality levels, Six Sigma quality systems, monitoring improvements from the base line and in all such related areas. The outcome is then compiled in a measurable method and objective rating assigned. This will make it easier for the Industry to consider, develop and rely upon, thus making it easier for the Industry to initiate business with the new supplier.

3. The team are Empanelled Auditors with TUV NORD.

4. Any other services as required by the Industry.


GISM will undertake to cater to the Industry needs of trained people in the Supply Management areas.

GISM imparts training to fresh graduates, in the areas of Supply Management. Such candidates can be directly absorbed by the Industry, in SCM positions.

GISM will undertake the training of persons already recruited by the Industry in the SCM areas, and take care of post recruitment Training and make them qualified for the positions.

GISM will also assist and undertake to provide the Industry in the recruitment process for all positions in the Supply Management space. This will include preparation of JD, Advertisements in relevant sites, Initial screening, Interviewing candidates, shortlisting, assisting the Industry in final selection of the most suitable candidates.